Chestly Gobar


Shaw Realty

5001-D John Stockbauer Victoria, Texas 77904

 I grew up in a small Texas town you probably never heard of, we didn’t even have a stoplight, but it was there in the heart of Natalia, Texas I learned nothing would stop me from achieving whatever I set my sights on. I live with a “Never say die” mentality because when I was 17 I was nearly gone, but thanks to the faith that was instilled in me by my grandparents, I defied the odds. I’ve never allowed circumstances to deter me since then.     Even though I grew up in a small town, I’ve had big dreams. With blue-collar in my blood, I’ve worked in a variety of fields. From food service to corporate banking, private golf clubs to farm & ranching; my early years had me becoming a jack of all trades, master of none. It wasn’t until I began working in operational retail I began to find my stride. For over 16 years I worked at 2 of the largest chain stores, developing a passion to outwork everyone, to be the best at what I do, a real Swiss-Army knife type, versatile, capable of being put in any situation and succeeding.     2016 brought me to the Crossroads where I met my now lovely wife. That beautiful woman of God has been a huge part of why I’m in the real estate business, encouraging me and seeing in me a God-given potential. She and I have a “crockpot” family, her having an awesome daughter, myself having a phenomenal son and daughter, then the two of us creating 2 handsome boys. It’s this family I’ve been blessed with that has me wanting to help you and your family find the home of your dreams. With a faith, family & hard working mentality, it will be my honor to serve you and yours with the duty of finding what fits y’all best. The keys to your future belong in your hands, I’ll help get them there.